Marvel vs DC….which is the best?

I grew up in the era long before iPads….even Internet and computers.   What stimulated my imagination was comics.

We had comics galore in our house.  My parents never bought them or even encouraged them, but we had a hassock (does anyone know what that is?) full of them, and more.

Anyway, I read them all, DC, Marvel, and Classics.  I did enjoy the Classics, which often presented comics based on classic novels like Bronte’s 1847 Wuthering Heights.  Wuthering Heights had a huge influence on me as I had a cousin just like Heathcliffe, a somewhat psychopathic man,  so the story really came to life.

However, the real battle for my attention came down to DC vs Marvel.  Batman vs Spiderman.  Superman vs Fantastic Four.  Green Lantern vs Iron Man.

Hands down, Marvel wins but for a reason.  The Marvel characters were all flawed…..which would give a reader a reason to reject them as heroes.  The opposite is the truth.  Readers loved Marvel heroes (and still do today) because Stan Lee and other creators portrayed them as flawed…..and that is the trick……because we could all relate to them as we are flawed ourselves.

I could never relate to Batman or Superman.  They were pretty idealistic guys.  However, I could actually put myself in the place of Spiderman who had a myriad of issues and problems in high school with work and girlfriends.  Essentially, I could actually imagine myself as Spiderman, but never Superman, and that is the essence of the success of the Marvel characters….even to the present day of 2015.

So, I can still relate to all the flawed Marvel characters, and that is still their key to success.  Stan Lee is still living (well into his 80’s) but I do wonder if Disney, the new owners of the Marvel culture, will be able to connect with the kids that Marvel did, and raise them to similar ideals of justice and compassion in spite of their own flaws.


4 thoughts on “Marvel vs DC….which is the best?

  1. Thanks for your insight and experience with comic book reading. Although we read Spider-Man, Batman,, superman, etc, I found myself reading a lot more billy the kid, rawhide kid an two gun kid a lot more.
    Then onto the Hardy Boys.

  2. I can’t say it came down to Marvel being better than DC in all respects. Superman did have trouble getting cred as Clark Kent. Sure, Lois Lane loved or adored Superman but had disdain for the man within, Clark Kent. So that left Superman/ Kent forever unsure of himself. There is some complexity there. My favourite superhero comics though, were – Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman and the Fantastic Four. Spiderman actually didn’t appeal to me because I found his alter-ego so overweaningly pathetic. Superman and Batman were unavoidable and sat in the middle of the pack. Farther down the list were Spiderman, as I mentioned, and Iron Man. Do you remember J’onn J’onzz? I could never figure out what the point of his character was as he never did anything. Superman and Batman had the most memorable villains. My favourite of all was Mr. Mxyzptlk, who mainly just irritated Superman All you had to do was say his name backwards and he would disappear, but that was no easy chore.

    • I wouldn’t say this about Superman, but Batman did indeed have the most awesome of villains….most ably brought to life by Ledger and Nicholson. Still, to me, the Marvel heroes without exception were pathetic characters I could relate to!

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