Meet GreenDino, your Kids’ Future Teacher

Technology has all sorts of things brewing in the background to make education more effective and less costly at the same time.

A respected university in the US is now offering an interactive online Masters Degree in Computer Science……..for $6600….all costs in for a two year program.  You get set up remotely in working pods with several other students in addition to lectures and labs.  When you get your degree, it looks exactly like the same Master’s degree as if you had attended on campus, and no more debt mountain to climb upon completion.

Next up is the children.  Teaching up until now is on a “one to many” basis.  I’m not a teacher but I suspect all teachers observe a wide range of kids in a class with a full spectrum from gifted to learning challenged.  I suppose if I was a teacher, I would “teach to the middle” which is the largest group, and would unfortunately leave the gifted children unchallenged, and the learning-challenged kids behind.

The idea of GreenDino by CogniToys is that it is a toy your child plays with.  It will be hooked up to IBM’s most powerful supercomputer Watson.  Watson will analyze your child’s responses and develop a program of teaching that works the best for your child based on their strengths weaknesses and needs.  This will now become “one to one” teaching, presumably benefiting the child and the taxpayer.  The greatest benefit will be for the kids at the extremes who tend to get left out in a large classroom……and in this day and age, don’t get segmented out for specialized teaching.

Furthermore, Watson will be able to analyze data from large numbers of children and will be able to inform you of their progress relative to other children of the same age.

It all sounds a bit Big Brotherish but it’s probably the future and if used right, it could be a good one.


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