Why am I so Optimistic about the Future?

Pure and simple, the Millennials are the least abused and most supported young people in the history of mankind.  You can argue about whether they have experienced a positive upbringing or not,but the statistics and facts indicate that there has never been a better generation.

I believe it.  Millennials (those who were children in the year of 2000) have had an upbringing that is completely unprecedented.  They have been supported, loved, cheered, and protected like none ever in the (often miserable) history of peoplekind.

I know some of these kids/young adults and two of them are my kids.  They are awesome and they are changing the world right now. They are talented and unencumbered by the abuses that my generation faced.  As a Baby Boomer, I’m pretty proud of what we have accomplished together, considering the world we were brought up in and successfully rebelled against.  The effects of the 1960’s had positive and negatives but it was the beginnings that broke a tyrannical model for childhood-rearing that will never be repeated.  As Baby Boomer parents, we did it all quite differently, both collectively and individually but the end result is pretty good.

Our Millennials will change the world for the better…..count on it…


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