I hope you caught the irony of the title of this post.  It was a minimalist title.  The word is too long though!  🙂



I would suggest that my adult kids are minimalists.  I’m not sure if they would disagree with that characterization but if they did, it wouldn’t be a heavy disagreement.  Their happiness of life without a lot of stuff (junk?) astounds me and makes me an admirer of both of them.  Deep down, I understand minimalism and I even embrace it myself to a significant degree.  I stood in a particular spot in my home tonight surveying its space, and while a modest home, it did seem grand to me…..even too grand in the sense that I could be quite happy with half the space….or even less. My travels around the world have certainly affirmed that my privileges of space and “stuff” exceeds the world average… far.

As I write this, I’m listening to the late great pianist Vladimir Horowitz, a Russian Jew (persecuted), playing a composition of  Russian composer Vladimir Rachmaninoff (my favourite composer)  Piano Concerto #3.  Let’s make this really simple: the beauty that came from the ends of Horowitz’s fingertips did not emanate from his largesse and income….but from deep within his soul….absent of all the “stuff” we surround ourselves with in our generation.

Do we deprive ourselves of beauty today because of our pursuit of stuff?  Is it all just noise?  Probably.  I have a late uncle who, in my last conversation with him said: “I think I finally figured out what it (ie life) is all about: family”.  Now there’s a man who changed from a pursuit of wealth, ambition and control…… and embraced something minimal, powerful, and worthwhile.


4 thoughts on “Minimalism

  1. At some level your words on being ‘minimalist’ and awareness of being granted so much from your home on that night rebound back into the the one who created and then made all. And we are slammed with greater realizations. Ah, but you know where I come from, and perhaps you’ve left all that behind because of a dirty little group that had/has it all wrong… Ah well, but the best Bruce the observing muser…

  2. A little late, I know, but as somewhat of a minimalist I felt the need to comment. When people complain about my lack of possessions I generally tell them I’d much rather experience things than have things. That’s completely true. What I don’t mention is that, I believe there is a social expectation for people my age and younger to consume ‘the experience’. As awesome as all the fun experiences of life are I do sometimes wonder if many of us so called ‘minimalists’ have become consumers of a different kind and have yet to learn how to slow down enough to smell the roses. JMT

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