Mom, the most powerful person in the world


In the Jewish religion, Judaism religion is passed on from mother to child, not father to child.   Of course this is an old way of rearing children and fathers and in our current society are usually much more involved in the development of children.  Regardless, this is an indication of the power of a mother.

What instigated this post is the frequency of posts on Facebook that mentioned a desire for a relationship with a deceased mother……but very few about a deceased father.

I don’t have the data to make a lot of conclusions on this but I will say that if your parents are aging, mother or father, please embrace them if you can see any value in their efforts on your behalf!


One thought on “Mom, the most powerful person in the world

  1. Parents are a precious gift for a child but we have to realize that they are not perfect either.
    They make mistakes and so do everyone. The relationship between child and parent(s) can get so complicated sometimes. But, we always have to move on and see the good in everything.

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