Two Social Revolutions 1950-2016

Being from the Baby Boomer generation, I am both cognizant and proud of what our generation achieved. Our generation rebelled against an entrenched, military-like society. Successfully. The social changes that occurred in the 1960’s- 1970’s are immense. Our generation wasn’t perfect by any means but the changes that came out of the 60’s and 70’s is most remarkable and set our societies on steady track of reform and improvement. The beginnings of an equitable society had its very first roots in the ’60’s. I will someday write a post on the profound revolution of the Baby Boomers but that’s another subject that is simply history. I want to peek at the future.

Now comes a new sort of revolution from the Millenials (those who were still kids in the year 2000). This one is both different yet similar. “Same same but but different”. My generation reacted in both anger and passion against the previous generation (I could go on and on about this!). This generation is not like that at all. They are revolutionary in a much different way. They have a great relationship with their parents. They have no desire to wipe out the influence or conventional wisdom of their parents. They are the free-est generation in history…..ever…and in a position to wipe the slate clean to a whole new world.

The Millenials will understand the often-silly paradigms of my generation and because the fears and angst of the previous generation will not settle on them like any other generation in the history or humanity, they have the possibility of creating a world of equity and equanimity like none ever before in the history of humanity.

The other cool thing about the Millenials is that they will challenge the status quo and current paradigms like no other generation. Change is part of their ordinary paradigm….it is not revolutionary to them.

We are entering a revolutionary period like none other. It will be practically invisible but total change. It will move forward like it is ordinary and inevitable. I have a lot of confidence in the Millenials. Just don’t cut our pensions too much ok guys?


One thought on “Two Social Revolutions 1950-2016

  1. Great writing Bruce, and so true. I admire the positive attitude of today’s youth in a world that has so many difficult situations surrounding us every day. In some ways there is not much to encourage them to get a good education. especially here in the UK where there are literally no jobs on graduation…BUT the soldier on, stay in school and hope for some improvement. My grandchildren down in Florida are more fortunate in some ways…many, many opportunities for good jobs, and in some ways a better way of life…think back to the work ethic of my parents and am glad I was raised in that era…Keep it up young people…we need your new fresh ideas and positive outlook for the future.

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