I haven’t written for months.  I have been swamped in business but clarity is near!

Here are a few quick thoughts tonight regarding gifts.  I grew up in an era where gift giving reflected a era of scarcity so gifts were physical items.   Physical gifts remain relevant and appropriate but something new has emerged.  Indulge me a bit, but let me call it “metaphysical gift giving”.  We honour someone when we give them a gift but in today’s world, do they really need a new pair of socks? Now that we no longer live in a society of extreme scarcity of basic living needs of food, shelter, healthcare,etc…..then what do people really need?  It is metaphysical in my view, ie related to the mental and emotional well being of the recipient.  So here are just a few random musings on gift giving in a metaphysical sense:

The best gift you can give your minor aged children is a good relationship with their other parent.

The best gift you can give your adult children is a great relationship with their chosen spouse/significant other.

Compliment compliment.  Not in flattery of course, but anywhere it is deserved.

The gift of respect. Literally anyone can teach us something good. Everyone deserves respect no matter how much they struggle in life.

The gift of time. We walk by people all the time and don’t even look them in the eye. Community that gives its time is golden to those who are isolated.

The gift of empathy.  This is not an easy one.   To be successful, we have to actually step into the boots of someone else.  I have learned over the years that this one has taken a lot of work and understanding of where others come from.  Anyway, if you can truly empathize, you have an awesome gift to offer!

Do you have some ideas to add to this?


2 thoughts on “(Metaphysical)Gifts

  1. I believe that one of the most unselfish gifts we can give someone is a listening ear. People are so busy today that they don’t seem to have time to listen to each other, their children and perhaps even their significant other. BUT they seem to have time to be on their phones ALL the time, which really is not personal intervention.

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